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72 pages, 3c, 34.5 × 25.7cm, Soft cover

Edited by Shigeo Goto

Designed by Tetsuro Furutani

First edition, October 2014

1,000 copies

Printed in Japan

ISBN 978-4-902080-46-9

¥4,320 (tax in.) / 42 euro + shipping cost

昨年オランダで開催されたアートフェアUnseen Photo Fairにおいて、第1回OUTSET AWARDに選出され、2014年5月にはオランダ・アムステルダムのFoam写真美術館でヨーロッパ初の個展を行った横田大輔による最新写真集。『CORPUS』は、横田がはじめて発表する、ヌードをモチーフとした野心作です。リアルとフィクション、そして生と死が入りまじった密室における恐ろしくも美しい、モノトーンのヌードの数々。


Daisuke Yokota was selected for the first OUTSET UNSEEN AWARD in 2013, and his first solo exhibition in Europe was successfully ended at Foam Museum in July 2014. This his latest work "CORPUS" features his nude photography for the first time. Yokota's unique visual expression mixing reality and fictioness shows the human figures in black and white get tangled with each other in a locked room. These very intimate images give us a strange feeling about life, death and somehow a distance from everything.

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