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108 pages, 4c, 21.4 × 29.3cm, Soft cover

Edited by Shigeo Goto, Mayumi Hosokura

Designed by Hideki Nakajima (Nakajima Design)

Published by Artbeat Publishers

First edition, September 2017

1,000 copies

Printed in Japan

ISBN 978-4-902080-61-2C0072

Price: 5,000 JPY (+ tax) / 40 EUR



Jubilee is a new compilation of the photographs, which were taken between 2012-2017 in Japan and other east Asian countries including Taiwan and China by Japanese female photographer Mayumi Hosokura. Hosokura has been acclaimed with her unique approach towards photography using rather straight portraits of natural objects, landscapes mixing with nudity. The extraordinary skill and view to depict the delicate and fragile beauty of the subject matter has been acknowledged to be one of the most talented Japanese female photographers of our age. In this series, she goes back to the basic method of her work. Ordinary landscape, fragments of the urban places, nudity of young models, surface of the plants…sometimes through the natural light or color filters, all the images are treated equally, yet transforming and being reborn within a very quiet but heated rhythm and beat underneath.

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