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304 pages, 4c, 21 × 28.4cm, Soft cover

Edited and produced by Shigeo Goto

Designed by Goshi Uhira (Goshi Uhira Design)

First edition, September 2016

1,000 copies

Printed in Japan

ISBN 978-4-902080-58-2

Price: 6,480 JPY, 55 EUR, 48 GBP SOLD OUT

横田大輔は2016年8月あいちトリエンナーレにておいてワックスがけした10万枚の出力紙を用いた巨大なインスタレーションを発表しました。横田大輔による、写真を出力したロール紙を用いた作品『Matter』はこれまで展覧会「anima on photo」(Unseen Photo Fair Special Exhibition、2013、オランダ)、「Photo London」(2015、イギリス)、「JIMEI x ARLES International Photography Festival」(2015、中国)などでその都度発展させた形で発表され、メディアに大きく取り上げられるなど注目を浴びてきました。2015年に中国・厦門で発表されたインスタレーションは、その後展覧会会期終了後空き地に移動して横田自身の手によって燃やされ、その灰になる(Burn Out)プロセスは4000枚の写真に記録されました。その後そのデータを用いて加工し新たな息を吹き込まれた新作が『MATTER / BURN OUT』です。


Daisuke Yokota has presented to the public an immense installation using 100,000 photographic prints coated in wax, which was exhibited in Aichi Triennial held in August 2016. Yokota’s work ‘Matter’, a work whereby photographs have been printed on rolls of paper, has become a sensation. Since 2013, ‘Matter’ has been included in numerous international exhibitions, including Unseen Photo Fair Special Exhibition ‘anima on photo’ (Amsterdam, 2013); Photo London (London, 2015); JIMEI x ARLES International Photography Festival (Xiamen, China). ‘MATTER / BURN OUT’ is an extension of the work ‘Matter’ which was exhibited in Xiamen in 2015, 70 years after the war between Japan and China. Once the exhibition had come to a close, the work was burnt in the, once again, vacant space in the area. This ‘burn out’ process was documented in 4,000 photographs, whereby the data was processed, manipulated and revived to form a brand new, large scale work called “MATTER / BURN OUT”, and edited to this new book.



Selected by Simon Baker as one of PHOTOBOOKS 2016


Review by Jim Casper,

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