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96 pages, 4c, 21.8 × 30cm, Soft cover

Edited by Taisuke Koyama, Maximage, Rémi Brandon

Designed by Maximage, Rémi Brandon

Produced by Shigeo Goto, Sawako Fukai

Published by G/P gallery + artbeat publishers + Kodoji Press

First edition, September 2015

1,000 copies

Printed in Japan

JP : ISBN 978-4-902080-54-4 / EU:ISBN 978-3-03747-069-5

¥4,800 (+tax)

写真家・小山泰介は2008年発表の『entropix』以降、一貫して都市と自然の境界を写真で捉え、また制作を通じて写真という枠組みを拡張し、デジタル時代の写真のあり方を問う実験的な試みを行ってきました。本写真集は、小山が2009年から制作している『Rainbow Variations』を初めてまとめた作品集となります。虹色の広告ポスターを接写した「人工物としての虹」の写真を変化させ、反覆的に増幅させることを試みる作品『Rainbow Variations』に、新作「Pico」を加えた約70点を収録しています。また本作品集ではスイス人デザイナーデュオ・Maximageと小山のコラボレーションにより編集・デザインが行われました。


Ever since he published "entropix" in 2008, Taisuke Koyama has been consistently capturing the boundary between urban cities and nature. Through his practice, he has been expanding the framework of photography and exploring experimental expressions that question the ways in which photography exists in the digital age.  This book is a first anthology introducing "Rainbow Variations", a series which Koyama has been working on since 2009. It includes comprises 70 images, including "Rainbow Variations" in which he tries to transform and iteratively amplify the photographic images of a "rainbow as an artefact" created by macro-photographing rainbow-colored publicity posters, as well as his newest series "Pico"., The book was edited and designed in collaboration with Swiss designer duo, Maximage.

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