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Unfinished Topography / Collection

描きかけの地誌 / 蒐集





112 pages, 4c, 21.5 × 28cm, Soft cover

Edited and Designed by Philippe Egger

Produced by Shigeo Goto, Sawako Fukai

First edition, September 2015

1,000 copies

Printed in Japan

ISBN 978-4-902080-55-1

¥4,800 (+tax)



Takashi Kawashima has taken natural catastrophes such as the Tohoku earthquake and volcano eruptions as a starting point to produce his works.  He never presents his work as something ex-post like a documentary. Rather, drawing on novels by Susan Sontag, Michel Houellebecq and Kobo Abe, he considers the installations he constructs by combining fragments of narratives and images as something implying the near future or as a ground in which to reflect it.  This book, which comprehensively introduces his works since 2011,  will be an accumulation of fragments of narratives by Kawashima. The book was designed by Swiss art director Philippe Egger who also teaches  at ECAL (École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne).

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